Find students who like what you like.

… play what you play.

… do what you do.

… read what you read.

How's it work?
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The new Oxford only network.

Find a fellow chess player to challenge you over a pint. Discover physics students from other colleges to collaborate with. Talk Donne with fellow enthusiasts. Search for a native Spanish speaker for intercambios.

Oxchange is all about connecting with other students who share your interests. It is for the bold, the curious, and the generous. See who likes the things you do, and reach out to them!

Join a sharing economy

Gain free access to the most valuable resource Oxford has: its students and their collective knowledge and talents. All you have to spend is your time.

Oxchange is a student led, University funded startup. Join us in harvesting all Oxford has to offer - download, use, and share widely!

Meet new people. Discover new places.

Oxchange is a social tool that will connect our community in unique ways. Meet up with people who you wouldn’t have ever met at a spot around town you’ve never been – maybe the White Rabbit, The Rickety Press, or the Rose and Crown?

How's it work?
Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Oxchange is an app that connects Oxford students based on academic interests and extracurricular passions.


Sign up (Oxford email address required) and then build your profile with information about you and what you do.


See who’s interested in what. Search for specific things (French, fencing, football) or browse around.


When you find a chess partner, a band to jam with, or someone who shares your passion for Spenser, send them a message and arrange to meet up. Be bold!